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  • Airplane (Destroyed)
  • Airport van

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Peter Parker boards a plane in Las Vegas to get back to NY. Unfortunately, the plane belongs to Rattlesnake airlines, whose owner (Morris "the Snake" Diamond) once made a fool of the vulture when this tried to sell him a modified dice which could be controlled remotelly.

Web of Spider-Man Vol 1 44 004

Morris "The Snake" Diamond.

The Vulture seeks vengeance and so forces the plane to crashland. He picks off Morris Diamond and claims him for the documents the Vulture had stolen to Randall Reese, which were stolen from him too by Diamond. But the documents were in the plane so they got lost. The Vulture freaks out and is to kill Diamond but Spidey appears and stops him.

Web of Spider-Man Vol 1 44 003

Sara Glenville, the flight hostess, happens to be an undercover agent and she calls the cops and gets the vulture in jail. Spider-man asks her for a flight to New York.

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Solicit Synopsis:

When Peter Parker boarded a plane in Las Vegas, he never expected it to become the property of the Vulture! After forcing the plane to crashland, the Vulture's picking off the survivors one at a time! Can Peter stop him without revealing his secret identity... and without any web fluid?

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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