Quote1 What the heck is this, a Rambo convention? Quote2
-- Spider-Man

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Spider-Man visits Las Vegas in his tour to present Peter Parker's book WEBS. While Peter Parker participates in The Dinah Show TV talk show, Marlo Chandler tries to visit Mr Fixit at his hotel like in a date, but he refuses to see her. Then, she leaves, but while walking in the street, she gets involved in the battle among Alpha and Delta. Alpha hurts her and leaves her laying unconscious. At the same time, Peter Parker is at a book store waiting for people wanting him to sign his book when his spider-sense warns him just before a missile explodes there!

As Spider-Man, he gets to Alpha and tries to stop her battle with Delta until he sees Marlo and brings her to the hospital. Mona, Marlo's room mate, is there working as a nurse. Mona decides to phone Mr. Fixit and he goes after her. But Mr. Fixit meets Spider-Man, Alpha and Delta at the hall of his hotel and decides to battle. That is when Spider-Man figures out Mr. Fixit is in fact, the Hulk!

  • This issue is reprinted in the trade paperback Incredible Hulk Visionaries: Peter David Volume 3

Solicit Synopsis:

It's a book tour! It's a blitzkreig! Peter Parker's in Las Vegas promoting his photo book on Spidey, WEBS, and Spider-Man is battling the Hulk and the kill-crazed survivalists!

  • While Peter Parker is at Page after Page bookstore for him signing books to fans, a young kid with an Star-brand comic-book comes by asking what is John Byrne really like.
  • The bookkeeper of the bookstore mentions that Chris Claremont and Tom deFalco were signing books there some time ago.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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