Quote1 That's the problem with life...not everyone gets happy endings Quote2
-- Kate Cushing

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Synopsis for "Autodafe, or... Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition"Edit

At Flash Thompson's apartment he and Peter Parker watch Reverend Tolliver trying to restore Betty's mind back from Teacher's brainwash. Unfortunately, as a new disciple, Betty had to fill in a form with a list of her friends and acquaintances names and locations, and since they remember the name of Flash, they know where to find this. So, a pack of Students of Love arrive at there. Peter fights them but, since he cannot change to Spider-man, Peter, Flash and Betty are all taken to the Students mansion in Jersey while the Reverend escapes and calls Ben Urich, who immediately calls Kate Cushing and meet her in his way to New Jersey.

There Brother Bruce fires the mansion while Peter breaks free and, as Spider-man, brings Betty and Flash outside. In his way Spider-man meets the Teacher and this shots Brother Bruce in the leg. The Teacher tells Spider-man he will carry Bruce outside so Spidey leaves. But Bruce and the Teacher never get out because the roof falls down over them.

Police comes and arrests some of the Students of Love, while other just leave crying for their Teacher. And Kate Cushing finds out that the woman called Tracey Peter told her he had seen in the mansion is not her sister.

Meanwhile, Aunt May pays a visit to Mary Jane and Peter's apartment, and accidentally looks at the tryout photos Mary Jane had made for a lingerie company. They both talk about them, and Mary Jane decides to burn them and the negatives.

This comes after Web of Spider-Man Vol 1 42 and it is the final chapter of the Cult of Love (Earth-616) storyline.

Solicit Synopsis:

Sure, Spidey's wanted to get Betty Leeds out of the religious cult she joined. But when Flash Thompson takes matters into his own hands by kidnapping her, whose side will the wall-crawler be on? Meanwhile, Mary Jane wouldn't really model for a revealing lingerie catalog ... would she?

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