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Ben Urich and Flash Thompson are at Reverend Tolliver's listening to his story about the fake miracles the leader of the Cult of Love plays before his disciples to make them believe in him. One of which Spider-Man just attented to in the previous episode of this story (Web of Spider-Man Vol 1 41), disguised as on of the Cult's disciples. He walks by the fields outside of the mansion of the Cult when sees Tracey Cushing, sister of Daily Bugle's editor Kate Cushing. But he cannot talk to her because the leader comes to see him ... with the Spider-Man's mask in his hands!

Meanwhile, in Manhattan, Mary Jane goes with her friend Lorraine to a photo shooting session, but she flees away before the session starts because she was supposed to be photographed naked and wants to talk with Peter before.

The Cult's leader tries to convince Peter and turn him into a believer, and then lets him leave the mansion to take the bus back to the city. The leader is confident Peter will come back to him whenever he is ready to join the Cult. Spider-Man goes to the Daily Bugle to talk with Kate Cushing and Ben. But, unexpectedly, Peter does not tell them where the mansion of the Cult is, for he wants to figure out whether the Cults is really a menace or not.

Peter makes a phone call to Mary Jane to tell her he is OK, and MJ asks him for his opinion about the photos, but it is a really short phone call, and since Peter seems not to care about it, Mary Jane comes back to the photo session and does it, apparently in underware.

And Spider-Man goes to where Flash teaches some kids to play basketball to tell him that he saw Betty and she is happy in the Cult. Flash does not believe what he is listening, and Spidey leaves. But one of the guys there also knows about the Cult because he is a cop and three years ago he was ordered to arrest the parents of a kid who had joined the Cult and that tried to take him off of it by kidnapping him.

While Spider-Man is asking Doctor Druid for help, Flash reunited a small team of de-programmers and assault the mansion in a van and armed with baseball sticks. They rescue Betty and carry her to Flash's apartment. Flash calls Spider-Man, and when this arrives there, Betty screams him for help!

This story continues from Web of Spider-Man Vol 1 41 and continues in Web of Spider-Man Vol 1 43

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Attempting to free Betty Brant Leeds from a sinister cult, Spider-Man meets the cult's leader, the teacher. Are the Teacher's abilities for real, or is he just the greatest con man the world has ever seen? If Spidey doesn't figure out the answer soon, he may get sucked into the cult himself!

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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