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Spider-Man is New Jersey at the Cult of Love mansion, where Betty Brand Leeds is staying brainwashed by the Cult. Just as Spidey was trying to convince Betty to leave with him, she screamed and a punch of people from the Cult armed with sticks come after him. After the fight, Spider-Man takes Betty with him, cuffed with spiderweb, until is stopped by another guy of the Cult armed with a flamethrower.

It is when Spider-Man is struggling to flee away that Betty unmasks him. Rounded by more and more people, Spider-Man has to run away without Betty.

Meanwhile, in New York, Ben Urich visits the woman who is selling Betty's house on behalf of her, at the Realtors office she works at. Ben suspects of her to be related to the Cult of Love somehow. Which is true, because she calls the leader of the Cult to warn him about Ben.

That night, while Mary Jane is at their apartment in company of Lorraine, a friend of her, who is spending the night there as well, Peter infiltrates in the mansion again disguised as another believer of the Cult.

The day after, Flash Thompson goes to the Daily Bugle to talk with Kate Cushing about Betty, and she introduces him to Ben Urich. They both together go to visit Reverend Tolliver, a priest who de-programmed several disciples of the Cult in the past. The Reverend tells them how the leader runs apparent miracles to convince the disciples of his powers. Something he is already doing at that very same moment, in the Cult's mansion, in front of some disciples, among which is an astonished Peter Parker!

This story continues from Web of Spider-Man Vol 1 40 and continues in Web of Spider-Man Vol 1 42

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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