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Other Characters:

  • Dr. George Jefferson (Only appearance)[1]
  • Jack (Only appearance)[1]
  • Paul (Only appearance)[1]





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Synopsis for "Arms and the Man!"Edit

The action begins with Spider-Man in a warehouse punching a band of thiefs who had stolen a truck full of fur coats. During the fight, Spider-Man is blinded by the lights of the truck and so the gang of thiefs escape. Spider-Man follows them on the roof of the truck. The wallcrawler finally knocks them out, though drives the truck to crash in the street and bringing chaos to the traffic.

That night Peter Parker goes to the Daily Bugle to sell the photos he shot to the thiefs to Robbie Robertson, but he rejects the photos because they are too dark and not that interesting. Event though, J Jonah Jameson sees them and decides to use them in the Now Magazine he is editing, which cheers Peter up a lot.

Meanwhile Otto Octavius is on a therapy session with Dr Jefferson and looks very confused and weak. Later, while Octavius is sleeping, a spider on the wall of his room terrorizes him up to make him wake his tentacles, which were far from there in a facility controled by SHIELD.

Whereas Octavius keeps freaking out in the Hospital, his tentacles walk free through the city in direction to Brooklyn. Spider-Man flies to there following the tentacles, but these finally get to the Hospital, free Otto Octavius, and bring him to a secret base of him that the police never found.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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