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  • A minivan
  • Police cars

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Nathan Lubensky has been living alone since Aunt May asked him to leave her house, after Nathan helped the police shoot a hoodlum who was assaulting them at Aunt May's house. Nathan meets a homeless Norton Fester, the former Meteor Man, who follows him until his house and robs him.

Meanwhile, Peter Parker is at his new apartment sewing his old red and blue suit when MJ arrives and, seeing the ruin the suit is, calls two designers, Bob Flanagan and Robert Tempia, whom she knows for a new Spider-Man suit. Then Aunt May calls and tells Peter what happened to Nathan, and Peter goes to Queens to meet him.

Peter comes by Nathan's house and learns about the robbery. Nathan is very sad because one of the things that Fester stole was the engagement ring he had given to Aunt May. Peter decides to find out who broke into Nathan's house. Soon Spider-man finds out that Fester was the thief and fights him in the street, near a bus which Aunt May and other friends were taking to Manhattan. Spidey defeats Fester and Nathan gives his ring to Aunt May. And this is how Nathan is welcome back again at Aunt May's home.

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Solicit Synopsis:

Nathan Lubensky has been robbed! And he's determined to go to any length to retrieve one of the stolen articles -— Aunt May's engagement ring! Wait til you see what Spider-Man does once he finds out about the crime!

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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