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The Hobgoblin breaks in the Kigpin's tower seeking for him, but the Kingpin is elsewhere, so he must talk with the Arranger even he did not want to in the first place. The Hobgoblin complains about him not having hired in months, and the Arranger explains that he cannot expect to be considered as good as the previous Hobgoblin just because he took the dead man's identity. Even more, the Arranger calls his new employee, Tombstone, to handle the Hobgoblin, and he does just by throwing him out through the window!

The Hobgoblin saves himself calling his glider, and decides to kill Spider-Man just to prove himself valuable to Kingpin's organization.

Meanwhile, at Peter Parker's apartment in Chelsea, there is the party to celebrate that he is leaving to move in with Mary Jane to their new apartment. At the same time, the Hobgoblin flies over Manhattan looking for Spider-Man, and remembers his history as a mercenary, Jack O'Lantern, and now as the Hobgoblin. He attacks the Lincoln Tunnel to attract Spidey's attention, while Harry and Liz Osborn were going to the city from his house in New Jersey. Harry calls Peter to tell him, and this suits as Spider-Man and goes to fight the Hobgoblin. Unfortunately for him, just before leaving his apartment, Joy Mercado hands him a drink, so that Spider-Man is a bit fuzzy.

The villain puts Spider-man in real trouble, but the Wallcrawler is able to cause a short circuit in the Hobgoblin's glider so that he has to flee away. Then, Peter comes back to his party, meets Harry and Liz, and finds out that the one to blame for spiking the punch was Barney, Miss Muggins' husband.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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