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Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Richard "Ricky" North
  • Samuel J. North (Photo)
  • Harvey Finklestein (Only appearance)[1]
  • Leslie (Only appearance)[1]
  • Officer Richardson (Only appearance)[1]




  • Dakota North's Motorcycle
  • Rocky North's car

Synopsis for "When Strikes the Slasher!"Edit

Dakota North and a city police sergeant inspect the body of the third fashion model murdered by a serial killer. As a PI, North was hired by some model firms to find the murderer, so she is investigating the case with the help of his brother Ricky.

Days later, in New York City, Spider-Man meets his wife in a convention centre where she is working that day. Later, she explains to Peter that she and her friend Elyse are going to work together in the big Fall Fashion Expo at the Grand Adventure Amusement Park. Unfortunately, Peter is supposed to be away for work.

That nigh, MJ and Peter go to Elyse's apartment to visit and found her screaming after being attacked by the Slasher! Peter goes after him, but the guy disappears. Back at Elyse's, Peter meets Dakota North, who is there because Elyse was in all the past fashion events in which the Slasher attacked. Actually, the Slasher who attacked Elyse at her apartment was not the real one, but a copycat hired by an Elyse's admirer to make her put her affection on him after rescuing her.

Days later, during the Fashion Expo in the Grand Amusement Park, Dakota North and her brother are there watching over the models. And also is Peter Parker, who lied to MJ saying he was taking a plane to better watch over her. The Slasher attacks Elyse while she is in her suite with MJ, but they both flee away. Then Spider-Man and Dakota North go after the Slasher. They catch him, but the guy explains that he is a copycat of the actual murderer. Meanwhile, MJ is attacked by the real Slasher: Elyse herself!

Spidey arrives there in time to save MJ, and Elyse is arrested. In fact, Elyse was the primal suspect for Dakota North.

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Solicit Synopsis:

A knife-wielding murderer is killing beautiful models — a crime calling for the skills of private investigator Dakota North. But when Mary Jane Watson-Parker becomes the killer's next target, nothing can keep Spider-Man away!

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