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After the events in the previous episode, Web of Spider-Man Vol 1 35, Steve Petty wears an exo-skeleton suit he just built after Spider-Man defeated his robot. By an accident related to other students of the Midtown High sShool, Steve's suit overcharges and makes him deranged.

Meanwhile, Roland Rayburn starts experiencing unexpected, good results thanks to an unsual persuasion power of his. In the shadows, he is being tagged by Tombstone in a car, on behalf of some mysterious employer. Robbie Robertson, who was having lunch with his wife in a nearby restaurant, freaks out the moment sees Tombstone in the car.

And in San Pablo, El Araña is going through some medical operations to enhance his body and become Tarantula. After succeeding, his first victim is the same doctor who lead the operations, and his second, after the orders of the president of the republic, should be Spider-Man.

In New York, In Peter's apartment, he wakes up and sees all the electric appliances short-circuiting due to Steve Petty, who calls himself Phreak now, has gone berserk and attacking Mary Jane. Peter gets injured in a leg and Phreak runs away with Mary Jane, but Spider-Man goes after him and is able to defeat him eventually. Policeman come to take Steve, but his former bully at the school, Jake Dorman, defends him.

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Solicit Synopsis:

Steve Petty becomes mentally deranged with power and calls himself Phreak. Also in this issue a new Tarantula in the form of Luis Alvarez is born.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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