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Peter Parker returns to his high school at Forest Hills as a substitute teacher for a week, while Roland Rayburn is going in a taxi to Wall Street. At the school's door, Peter has to stop a fight between two students, who act like the and Flash Thompson used to years ago. One of the two guys in the fight, Steve Petty, happens to be a fan of Peter as a young scientist.

Meanwhile, in the town of Santa Maria, a town in a South America's republic ruled by a military govern. There arrives El Araña in seek of a young boy, Miguel Sanchez, who had said bad words about the goverment. After being called back to the capital, El Araña orders his soldiers to kill all the citizens of the town.

After the morning classes, Peter Parker meets Steve Petty to have lunch. But before Steve shows him the electronics lab in the school that his father donned thanks to his job at I.C.M. (International Computing Machines Corporation). During their conversation, Steve shows Parker pieces of a robot he is building as a site project.

However Parker words, Steve is bullied again by Jake Dorman in the cafeteria, but this time Steve flees away. Guessing Steve is in his lab, Peter goes there to be attacked by Steve's robot. But the robot is too dangerous to be just the kid's, and Peter actually recognizes it as the Living Brain, which he had already fighted years ago in Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 8. Steve is controlling the robot and throws it against the bullies in the school. Spider-Man comes into battle and finally electrocutes it, but Steve is gone.

And in San Pablo, the capital of that republic in South America, the republic's military president orders El Araña to medical treatment to enhance his powers and so become a new Tarantula.

The cover to this issue is an homage to the cover of Amazing Spider-Man #8.

Solicit Synopsis:

Peter Parker discovers "You Can Go Home Again" when he returns to Mid-Town High as a substitute teacher only to run into the all-new Living Brain!

Peter Parker mentions Sigourney Weaver, actress in the Alien movies.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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