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Quote1 I have found dignity, not in the cities, but in the jungle. I have found honor, not in the civilized, but in the primal. I have found morality, I have found meaning -- in the hunt. Quote2
-- Kraven the Hunter

Appearing in "The Coffin"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




  • Helicopter

Synopsis for "The Coffin"Edit

Kraven battles a beast and beheads it with his bare hands. He digs a grave and goes to a coffin, realizing that he "must die soon," and picks up a replica of Spider-Man's costume. Meanwhile, Spider-Man visits the funeral of the two-bit gangster, Joe Face at the Jimmy's Corner bar, even though he is not exactly sure why he should care. The funeral goers try to scatter when Spider-Man arrives, but the masked hero stops them, saying he has only come to say goodbye. Spider-Man leaves a donation before going back to his apartment. He realizes that, like many of his loved ones, he too is going to die. But not yet.

That night, Peter Parker has a nightmare that he is turning into Kraven. Unable to rest, Peter changes into Spider-Man to websling around the city. Kraven drops onto a nearby building from a helicopter and fires two darts at the "Spider," the second one hitting its target. Spider-Man starts hallucinating that Kraven is the ghost of Joe Face. Kraven knocks Spider-Man down with a pole and captures him in a net. Kraven shoots Spider-Man with a rifle and triumphantly buries him in a mock funeral.

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See AlsoEdit

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  • None.


  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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