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Other Characters:

  • Charlie (Only appearance)[1]
  • Fred (Only appearance)[1]
  • Mr. Slater (Only appearance)[1]




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Synopsis for "Vulture Is as Vulture Does!"Edit

Adrian Toomes (Earth-616) and Vulturions (Earth-616) from Web of Spider-Man Vol 1 3 0001

The Vulture fights the Vulturions

Reading about his former cell-mate, Honcho, and his crew in the newspaper, Adrian Toomes, the REAL Vulture, breaks out of prison and designs a new suit. Though he is much older, and out-numbered 4-to-1, he overpowers the Vulturions with his superior aerial combat skills. Spider-Man joins in to try and keep it civil but is hit with a dart and falls asleep as the Vulture closes in on the Vulturions.

Honcho and his team are turned in to the police.

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Solicit Synopsis:

The Vulture has discovered that the Vulturions have stolen his costume, power and name! And he busts out of jail to get them back! It's a high-flying tale of theft, mayhem and revenge — with Spidey caught in the middle!

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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