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In the London Heathrow terminal hall, Joy Mercado and Peter Parker found themselves in the middle of a terrorist attack! A bomb explodes and immediately a gun shooting starts among policemen and IRA terrorists. Joy asks Peter for going to take some photos, and then he uses his Web-shooters to disarm the gun men.

Afterwards, Peter meets Joy. She explains him that the target of the attack was John Bartlett, a top agent in the Scotland Yard. The terrorists could not kill him, but there were some innocent victims. The got out and take a limo to the Dorchester Hotel where they are staying. After two hours of rest, they both meet to go to dinner. Peter suggests to go together out for sightseeing, but Joy has other plans and declines his invitation.

So, Spider-Man decides to investigate by himself the attack in the airport, and visits an IRA prisoner in jail. Meanwhile, Joy meets a snitch in a park who hands secret information about Roxxon to her.

After his conversation with the prisoner, Spider-Man infiltrates in a secret meeting of the IRA. Spidey listens to their plans to attack the British government, but the police intervenes before he may find out the details of the plan, and has to participate in the fight as well, knocking out some terrorists.

In the morning, Joy and Peter enter the Parliament to listen the Primer Minister Margaret Thatcher's speech. Soon Peter has a hunch and sneaks up to the sewers, where he finds the terrorists planting a bomb. Spider-Man defeats them, but one of the terrorists kills himself before surrendering.

In the end, Joy and Peter decide to keep investigating the case in Dublin, Ireland.

Peter Parker gets confused about British money and the difference between farthings and shillings, even though both of those coins were phased out in 1972 when British currency went decimal, 14 years before this issue came out.

Solicit Synopsis:

Photographer Peter Parker's first assignment for NOW magazine has him flying high—literally! Peter's off to England to cover Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's speech on terrorism, and winds up trapped in the middle of a merciless terrorist/ counter-terrorist battle for the Prime Minister's life! This story also features the debut of Solo— the bizarre anti-terrorist!

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