Quote1 And... if some maniac has decided to rid me of Spider-Man, why should I interfere? Quote2
-- Kingpin (Wilson Fisk)

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The story is continued from last issue...

Angry over their defeat at the hands of Spider-Man, the Vulturions return to their hideout, and Honcho shows them the lethal new blow dart weapons he has devised. He tests one on Gripes, but delivers the antidote to him, so that he won't die from the deadly poison in the darts. A week later, Spider-Man swings through New York, deep in thought over his fight with the Symbiote, and he almost doesn't notice a man trying to pickpocket another man on the street. He webs the pickpocket's hand, alerting the man's victim to his intentions. He changes into his street clothes, and goes into a store to buy a hat for his Aunt May. Elsewhere, the Vulturions use the new blow darts in a field test, robbing an armored truck. Peter goes to the Daily Bugle, and he shows the hat to Joe Robertson. Joe and J. Jonah Jameson get into an argument about running negative Spider-Man articles. Peter resolves the argument, and leaves. Peter changes into his costume and swings home, but is blocked from entering his apartment through the skylight because other tenants, Randi, Bambi, and Candi are sunbathing on the roof. Meanwhile, in his tower, Kingpin is alerted to the Vulturions' actions.

Elsewhere, the Vulturions ambush Spidey in the skies over New York. They try to use their darts on him, and he uses them against them, but one star dart hits him. Meanwhile, Nathan Lubensky and Aunt May discuss her money troubles, and they agree not to tell Peter. Spidey barely fends off the Vulturions, but the drugs been to take effect, and he starts to fall, and they hit him with more darts, while Kingpin observes the fight from his window. Elsewhere, Mary Jane goes to visited Harry Osborn and Liz Allan to see their baby, Normie. Back in the fight, Spider-Man is able to break his fall and defeat the remaining Vulturions. He lands in an alley amid some dumpsters, but survives. He recovers the hat he bought for Aunt May, and finds a threatening note from the Kingpin.

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Solicit Synopsis:

The Kingpin is the most sinister, powerful and merciless leader of New York's organized crime mobs. The police know it, the underworld knows it, and Spidey himself sure knows it! So why is the Kingpin giving Spidey a brand-spanking new ladies' hat?

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