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Spider-man is desperately seeking a fight to test whether his spider-sense is still working or not when he finds armed people in New York docks. They are apparently stealing some shipment and putting the boxes in a van. Meanwhile, the Humbug is hidden behind some boxes and watching them. Spider-man asks them for attacking him while he stands with his back facing them, so that he may check whether his spider-sense buzzes or not. And it does, so Spidey ends them in a minute, cracking a box and finding out that the load was black pearls! In the meantime, the Humbug runs away, quite scared of the Wallcrawler.

Far away of that, in Berlin (Germany), an embassy occupied by some terrorist team is surrounded by anti-terrorist force units that watch how someone who calls himself Solo frees the hostages and kills all four captors.

In New York the next day, J. Jonah Jameson sends Joy Mercado and Peter Parker to North Ireland to cover terrorist attacks by IRA. Peter was hesitating at first, but the expenses vouchers Jonah hands them on make him change his mind.

At that moment, in a converted building in Soho, the senior Entomology professor Buck Mitty is wailing about being expelled from the Empire State University and explains us that he is going to use the amplified sounds of insects as weapons to steal money to fund his research program. And so he decides to attack a government money truck after reading about it in the Daily Bugle.

Peter pays a visit to his Aunt May in Queens and sees how Sophie and Martha Lund, two of her tenants, leave to a safer place due to a recent break-in [1].

Aunt May explains him that she asked Nathan also to leave, since she fears he is not the sweet man she felt in love with.

Peter leaves to the Federal Passport Office in Manhattan, where the Humbug makes his attack to steal the federal cash van. And so Peter copes with him quite easily actually.

The episode ends with Joy Mercado and Peter talking about the flight to North Ireland they are taking the next day. A plane in which we see some terrorists are going to make explode with a bomb.

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Spidey goes toe-to-toe with the weirdest foe he's ever faced ... the Humbug!

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