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Other Characters:

  • Deputy Sheriff Sarah (Only appearance)[1]
  • Carla Hanks (Final appearance)
  • Seth Hanks (Final appearance)





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Synopsis for "The Longest Road!"Edit

After three days missing, Peter Parker shows up at his appartment's door dressed with a coat and almost stripped because his Spider-man suit is in pieces. Mary Jane, who was there waiting for him deeply worried, asks him about those three days, so Peter explains it.

Spider-man was in the Appalachian Mountains fighting Magma in the core of a mountain when a shot of the villain causes an explosion. Spider-man gets beaten, his suit ripped and one of his web-shooters broken. With the other one operative, he reaches a farm where he takes a coat.

He hitchhikes until another town, where he tries to steal an apple pie but gets caught by a police officer. Spider-man spends the night in jail and in the morning is drived to a mansion where Medgar DuPaul lives. DuPaul pays the sheriff of the town so that he brings prisoners for him to hunt them in the fields near his mansion with a dron. But Spidey destroys the dron, while the police officer who had detained him shows up and stops DuPaul and the sheriff.

The sheriff fights the officer and takes her down, but Spider-man comes back to the mansion in time to free her and beat the bad. Peter is told free to go, and he hitchhikes up to New York.

The day after the conversation with Mary Jane at his appartment, Peter goes to the Daily Bugle to meet J. Jonah Jameson and Joy Mercado. After a brief conversation about what happened in the mountains, and the fact that Peter did not bring any photos, he goes to take tha train back home. But, while he is waiting for the train the come, someone pulls him to the rails without making his Spidersense to warn him at all!

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Solicit Synopsis:

Where has Spider-Man been? The mystery is revealed here! Peter's a man with no ID. no money, no clothes ... and he's one long way away from home! How he gets back to New York City from Appalachia will have Spideyphiles everywhere on the edges of their seats!

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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