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Spider-Man fights Magma under the volcano. Meanwhile, Joy Mercado tries to flee with Charla and Seth, but they are stopped by Magma's men. Seeing that the best strategy at that moment is to flee, Spidey runs away leaving Joy and the rest in the hands of Magma.

Magma show them the central complex, and soon asks the youg Seth to sit and keep doing his job. Magma explains that the boy is, though mentally deficient, what scientists calls an idiot savant: he can formulate mathematical equations so advanced that the most sophisticated computers cannot match them. Joy also notices that the financial needed for this operation has been provided by the Roxxon corporation, as Magma himself further explains.

Then Peter Parker appears as a new hostage, and is imprisoned together with Joy in a cell. They soon escape, knoc out some guardians, and also free the boy and his mother. They go through the tunnels in search of an escape route, until the Magma's men find them and Peter gets separated, as he had planned so that he can act as Spider-Man again.

Spider-Man attacks Magma again, and during the battle, the lava blast of the villain provokes a non stoppable reaction in the complex. Explosion after explosion, everything goes falling into pieces. The boy leaves to find Peter Parker, until Spider-Man sees him and goes to the rescue. They both go flying seeking an exit, but get separated again: the boy meets his mother and Joy Mercado, and they manage to leave the mountain, while Spidey falls into the cave. Then, everything explodes.

In the end, Joy wonders if Peter was able to find a way out, or died in the mountain. The last panel shows the Spider-Man red and blue suit into pieces.

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Peter Parker's Appalachian assignment for NOW magazine concludes in a way that permanently affects the future of Spider-Man! Spidey defeats the terrible Magma—but at what cost? Featuring the final appearance of the red and blue suit!

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