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David Fortunov is walking in the streets remembering his old days as Dominic Fortune, and his partner Sabbath Raven, when he is assaulted by three gangsters who want him dead. Fortunov fights him but is going to be gunned when Spider-Man makes his appearance and saves Fortunov's life. Spider-Man carries him to a hospital, and then visits him as Peter Parker to offer him a place in his Aunt May's Restful residence. Fortunov declines the offer because he is planning to go to live with his son, and seek for Sabbath once he is recovered from his injuries.

Meanwhile, an old foe of Dominic Fortune, Wolfganf von Lundt, who currently is called Simon Steele, visits the Shocker in his place in the South Bronx. Steel hires him to kill Fortunov.

Peter meets again with Fortunov and agrees to help him finding new clues about Sabbath current whereabouts in the Daily Bugle records. They only find some news about her, as Gina Morelli, in Europe. So Fortunov goes to the Kennedy Airport to take a flight to Europe when is attacked by the Shocker. Spider-Man, who was hidden observing Fortunov, comes to face the villain until Steel's gang also makes their entrance firing their guns until one bullet makes explode a gas depot.

Police detains the Shocker, Fortunov goes to the hospital again, and Mr Steele blows up the South Bronx base the Shocker had while is in a yacht with a shadow woman she calls Sabbath.

Solicit Synopsis:

What do Spider-Man, a sanitarium, and fugitive Nazi war criminals have in common? 80-year-old detective Dominic Fortune, that's who! Everyone thinks Dominic's chasing Nazi-spy fantasies. Will someone have to die before Spider-Man can discover the truth?

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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