Web-Warriors is a team that composed of Spider-Men.

Original Team


Original Web-Warriors

All members are composed from Spider-Men whose DNA samples were taken by the Goblin to transform into "Spider-Goblin".

Spider-Man of Earth-12041 summoned those Spider-Men via Electro-powered Siege Perilous to stop "Spider-Goblin". [1]

Second Team

All-New Web-Warriors

Multiverse Web-Warriors

The second team was a sub-group of Spider-Army.[2]

Third Team

The third team was a sub-group of the New Warriors consisting of Animated Ultimate Spider-Man, Agent Venom and Iron Spider.[3] Later Scarlet Spider aided them to stop Ock and Zola from taking over New York and reluctantly stayed.[4] Miles Morales from Earth-TRN457 later rejoined the Web-Warriors after the Siege Perilous was destroyed and stranding him in Earth-12041.[5]


Equipment: * Formerly the Siege Perilous
Transportation: * Web-Jet


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