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After fending off an attack from two of Weapon X's killer cyborgs, the Hulk tracks down a group of mutants which had also been targeted by Weapon X, namely Logan, Sabretooth and Domino. The two former even had genetic material harvested from them to enhance the cyborgs' abilities. Using a partially preserved cyborg he managed to salvage from his fight, the Hulk determines the location of the cyborgs' command center. Meanwhile, a blood sample from the Hulk taken by Weapon X from the scene of the attack makes it way to said facility.[1]

Hulk and his allies attack the laboratory, located in a retrofitted Roxxon oil rig. After defeating guard cyborgs and freeing Lady Deathstrike and Warpath, two mutants which had been used by Weapon X for the refinement of their robots, they attempt to interrogate the facility's chief scientists. Weapon X's director, Reverend William Stryker, has the oil rig self-destruct, taking its employees with it. Hulk and the mutants survive the explosion, as well as the Hulk's blood sample, which is preserved by a drone.[2]

Main Story

With his alliance with Logan, Sabretooth, Domino, Lady Deathstrike and Warpath consolidated, the Hulk continues investigating Weapon X with the partially preserved cyborg. Using a stasis formula similar to one patented and developed by Roxxon, Amadeus gets the cyborg to regrow its face so they can determine his identity, that of Dave Andrews, and from there find out who turned him into a killing machine.

Concluding that Weapon X must be using an enormous amount of stasis formula for their cyborgs, Amadeus finds about a company named Omitek which was forced to destroy an entire stock of knock-off stasis fluid in order to solve a patent infringement dispute with Roxxon. The lack of records of final disposal of the raw materials used to make the fluid prompt the heroes to investigate Omnitek.

While Amadeus and Lady Deathstrike break into David Andrews' house looking for clues, Logan, Sabretooth, Domino and Warpath investigate Omnitek's laboratories. They are attacked by a group of cyborg cat sentries inside the empty facility, and manage to find shipping manifests of the raw materials after taking care of the attackers. Meanwhile, the scientists at Weapon X have already moved into the creation of Hulk-mutant hybrid cyborgs.[3]

Logan and his team make a detour to Santo Marco, where they discover Weapon X has already moved to test runs, having killed a local mutant hero for the sake of it. After investigating a church David joined, Cho and Lady Deathstrike track down his brother Bobby. Amadeus attempts to reason with him and convince him not to join Weapon X. However, a recruiter named Carla arrives to pick up Bobby, and has an prototype Hulk cyborg attack the hero.[4]


  • The crossover was first hinted at with a teaser published by Axel Alonso in his Twitter account on February 24, 2017,[5] being officially announced on March 8.[6]


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