This secret subterranean laboratory and research facility was constructed by the Weapon Plus initiative to house the Weapon X Project.

Weapon X Facility 01

The original Weapon X Facility

It was here that Logan underwent the experimental procedure that bonded Adamantium to his skeleton, robbed him of his memories, and turned him into the Wolverine. Wolverine went berserk after the procedure killing numerous individuals. After these event, this base was abandoned and the Weapon X Project relocated to other facilities including Neverland and The World.[2]

Mutant Revolution

After freeing Cyclops,[3] he, Magneto and Magik set up base in this abandoned facility. From here the launched their mutant revolution by liberating unjustly imprisoned mutants and offering them aid with their powers and a place in Cyclops' new team of X-Men. Emma Frost soon joined after being freed by Cyclops and Magneto.[4]

Together Cyclops, Emma, Magneto, and Magik founded the New Charles Xavier School for Mutants.[4][5] They redesigned the facility to equip it with dormitories, cafeteria, and Danger Room. They've gathered young mutants such as Tempus, Triage, Benjamin Deeds, Goldballs, Stepford Cuckoos (Celeste, Irma and Phoebe), Angel, and Hijack and began training them to use their powers.[5] After the conflict with the Future X-Men and Future Brotherhood at the Cape Citadel base, Katherine Pryde decided to quit the Jean Grey School with the young X-Men and take up Scott's offer of joining his school thanks in part to Illyana.[6]

Alternate Realities

Mutant X (Earth-1298)

Weapon X Facility (Earth-1298)

Havok and The Pack at the Weapon X Facility

This is the location where Wolverine, Sabretooth, and Wildchild were experimented on until they became less than human. The three subjects, now known as The Pack, brought Havok of The Six to the facility to show him what happened to them. As they began to destroy the facility, Alpha Flight stepped in and took control of The Pack.[7]

X-Men Film Series (Earth-10005)

Weapon X Facility (Earth-10005) 01

Wolverine returning to the Weapon X Facility

See also: Alkali Lake
This secret subterranean research facility was used by the Weapon X Project. It was built into a dam on Alkali Lake. It was here that Logan underwent the experimental procedure that bond Adamantium to his skeleton. After these event, this base was abandoned until Stryker reopened it. Here he duplicate the procedure that created Wolverine with Deathstrike, and built a duplicate Cerebro.[8]


New Charles Xavier School for Mutants 001

The layout of the New Charles Xavier School for Mutants

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