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Weapon X Program, Weapon X Project, Weapon Chi, Chi Protocol, Serenity Industries


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Current Members
Staff members:

Carla, Doctor Alba, numerous unnamed scientists

Test subjects:

Adamantium Cyborgs (Batch Units A-H): David Andrews, Franklin Edwards, numerous unnamed others

Former Members
Leaders and Staff members:

Ajax, The Butler, Dr. Abraham Cornelius, The Director, Dr. Duncan, Dr. Carol Hines, Brent Jackson, Madison Jeffries, Dr. Emrys Killebrew, Dr. Sarah Kinney, The Professor, Dr. Cecilia Reyes, Dr. Dale Rice, Dr. Zander Rice, Shogun, Dr. John Sublime, Dr. Martin Sutter, Dr. Robert Windsor, Dr. Zira, Romulus

Agents and test subjects:

Aurora, Chamber, Malcolm Colcord, Copycat, Worm Cunningham, Deadpool, Fantomelle, R. Hoek, Jack-in-the-Box, Brent Jackson, Jacques, Kestrel, Marrow, Mastodon, Mauvais, Maverick/Agent Zero, Mesmero, Michelle, Native, Psi-Borg, Reaper, Sabretooth, Sauron, S.H.I.V.A. Silver Fox, Slayback, Sluggo, Steve, Todd, Vole, Washout, Weapon X (Kane), Weapon X (Logan), Wildcat (Noel Higgins), Wildside, Wild Child, Wyre, X-13, X-23, Endo, Junk, Neuro, Skel

Part of the larger Weapon Plus Project, Weapon X focuses on using and eliminating mutants. Weapon X's trademark involve the use of mutant test subjects, memory implants and sometimes endowing healing factor and/or retarded aging to its agents.


Weapon X was a code name for a secret US government project intended to deliberately induce superpowers for military purposes. It was only one part of a larger program called Weapon Plus. In the case of Weapon X, the mechanism was genetic engineering, specifically, creating mutations in normal humans and enhancing existing mutations. The successive projects had Roman numerals, so Weapon X was the tenth such project. Some confusion has arisen because this same name has applied to several different projects as well as several of the project's "graduates."

Weapon X Project (Earth-616)

First incarnation of the Weapon X Program with Dr. Cornelius and the Professor

The first Weapon X Project took place in the US in the 1960s, sponsored by the CIA. They recruited skilled intelligence operatives, who became Team X, made up of Logan (Wolverine), Silver Fox, Victor Creed (Sabretooth), Agent Zero (Christoph Nord), John Wraith (Kestrel), and Mastodon. Although successful at first, the team was disbanded after a mission involving Omega Red. The government's hesitation in relying on mutants may also have been a factor; they had created a group of robots (code-named Shiva) to neutralize any member who caused problems. Another mutant named Psi-Borg repressed their memories of the project, and all had received a treatment derived from Wolverine's healing ability. The Weapon X project, however, became the Pest Control Section at the Department of Agriculture, where it continued its work, albeit on a smaller scale.[1][2]

In the 1970s the Weapon X Project expanded into Canada, where it was run by Department K but still funded by the CIA. The goal this time was to enhance the abilities of agents already working for Department H, including Ajax, Deadpool, Garrison Kane, Sluggo, and Slayback. Their test subjects did not fare as well as Team X, however, and many of them were permanently disabled. Even worse, these "dropouts" wound up at the Hospice, where Dr. Killebrew and Ajax performed unspeakable (and unauthorized) experiments on them. After Deadpool led an escape from the Hospice and exposed Killebrew, the entire Weapon X project in Canada was dismantled. Dr. Horatio Huxley revived the project briefly.[3]

The American project, meanwhile, was dusted off and revitalized. The staff included "Professor" Andre Thorton and John Sublime (both veterans of the Weapon Plus program), as well as Dr. Carol Hines, Dr. Abraham Cornelius, and Dr. Dale Rice. Thorton located Wolverine and, in a secret lab (near Roanoke, Alberta province, Canada), augmented his skeleton with adamantium. Temporarily insane from pain, Wolverine massacred most of the lab personnel and escaped. Thanks to this setback, Thorton's Weapon X project lost the support of the Weapon Plus program, but Thorton continued his work.[4]

Weapon X Vol 2 ½

A new Weapon X

Eventually, the Team X members recovered their repressed memories. As a result, Silver Fox (then working for Hydra) killed Thorton;[5] Psi-Borg killed Hines; and Maverick killed Cornelius. Despite this setback (or because of it), Sublime, the new head of Weapon Plus, brought the Weapon X project under his control. He appointed Malcolm Colcord, a survivor of the Roanoke massacre, as its new director. He gave the project two additional goals: to monitor mutants in the general population and to set up concentration camps where they would be recruited, held for study, or executed. Colcord brought in Brent Jackson, a former agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., as well as Sabretooth, Deadpool, Copycat, and Mauvais.[6]

The new Weapon X team's first success was to psionically gain control of Wolverine and direct him to track down the "alumni" of previous Weapon X projects. They were forced to detain him, though, when he regained his volition. The Shiver Man freed Wolverine, upon which Colcord and the others fled.[7]

Colcord next brought in Box to build a concentration camp called Neverland. The Weapon X project had reached the height of its power. They recruited Aurora, Sauron, Mesmero, Marrow, Wildchild, Washout, Garrison Kane, and many more mutants. Some joined willingly. Most did not.

Cable organized the Underground, a mutant movement to counter the atrocities going on at Neverland. With assistance from Agent Jackson, they led an assault on Neverland, in which Kane was killed. Jackson's help, however, was a ploy to help him take over the Weapon X project.[8] Learning of the camp, the X-Men sent Chamber there undercover. Jackson ordered him to assassinate Sublime, at which point Chamber disappeared[9] --as did everyone else at Neverland. The Weapon X project moved to another facility they named the Program.

Jackson scored another success when he subverted Maverick, who arrived at the Program in critical condition after a battle. In exchange for his life, Maverick agreed to another treatment and became Agent Zero. Now working for Jackson, he neutralized Marrow's team. Apparently considering the debt satisfied, he teamed with Wolverine and Fantomex (a product of the Weapon XIII project) to uncover the truth about Weapon Plus. They found Neverland and the Program abandoned[10] but managed to track down Sublime. Only then did Wolverine learn what had happened at Roanoke.

Death of Wolverine - The Weapon X Program Vol 1 1 Textless

A new Weapon X project, whose staff included Dr. Martin Sutter, Dr. Sarah Kinney, and Dr. Zander Rice (son of Dale Rice), followed. They produced Native, who was rescued by Wolverine and Sabretooth, and a female clone of Wolverine, X-23, who escaped after killing Rice and Kinney.

Later, Colcord and Jackson appeared to be running separate, competing Weapon X projects. Also, Nathaniel Essex (Mister Sinister) was still working with the project, using the name Dr. Robert Windsor. Sinister's journal, chronicling his experiments in a Nazi death camp, inspired Thorton to work on one of the original projects; the full extent of Sinister's influence on the Weapon X programs is still unknown.

Weapons of Mutant Destruction

Under the direction of Reverend William Stryker, a new Weapon X program emerged, which focused on the creation of undetectable killer cyborgs that could eventually eradicate mutantkind. These cyborgs were created from regular humans Stryker lured into his cause.[11] As part of the process to refine their cyborgs, Weapon X targeted several mutants with special abilities of their interest, namely Logan, Sabretooth, Warpath, Domino and Lady Deathstrike.[12]

Once Weapon X captured Lady Deathstrike and harvested genetic material for their cyborgs, they sent their robots after the remaining four targets. While they failed to capture Logan and Sabretooth, they acquired tissue samples.[13] Meanwhile, Warpath was successfully apprehended.[14] By the time Weapon X's cyborgs attacked Domino, Logan and Sabretooth had joined forced to investigate their attackers, and managed to rescue her. In order to improve the resistance and strength of the cyborgs, Weapon X set their sights on the Hulk.[15]

Weapon X (Earth-616) from Weapons of Mutant Destruction Alpha Vol 1 1 001

Even though the cyborgs that attacked the Hulk managed to have a blood sample sent to their command center before being defeated and forced to self-destruct, their attack prompted Cho to investigate the situation and join forces with Weapon X's other targets. Data retrieved from a partially preserved cyborg allowed Hulk and his new allies to determine the location of one of the cyborgs' production centers.[16] When said facility was raided by Hulk and the mutants, Stryker had it self-destruct, killing its employees in the process. The mutants and Hulk survived, and even managed to rescue Warpath and Lady Deathstrike from containment.[17] With the Hulk's blood sample still in their possession, Weapon X moved to the creation of mutant-Hulk hybrids.[18]

After further investigating Weapon X, Hulk and the mutants located and raided their central command, forcing most of the facility to be evacuated. Weapon X's leading scientist, Dr. Alba had already finished experimenting on her best and last two subjects, H-Alpha and H-Beta, [19] who were eventually released to confront the intruders. H-Alpha proved to be much less docile, to the point of killing H-Beta and attempting to turn on his creators. Hulk held him back, giving Stryker, Dr. Alba, and the remaining staffers the chance to flee in a helicopter. During the ensuing fight between Hulk and H-Alpha, Weapon X's central command collapsed.[20]


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  • "Weapon #" is normally used to denote specific known agents. Weapon X is unique in that it has had entire teams, not to mention multiple agents (Wolverine, Garrison Kane, and the bacteria colony) with the name.
  • Hints of the various projects and members occurred in Grant Morrison's New X-Men and Weapon X series.


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