Wayne Gifford as human

Wayne Gifford in human form

As a child, Wayne Gifford was abused by his father. The rage and the evil in Gifford eventually formed a second personality in him. Gifford found his purpose in inflicting pain and suffering to others, in particular innocent people where Gifford mutilated Shannon Gertz, a 14 years old girl. To become the Basilisk, Gifford

performed a rite in a pentacle and cut his own throat with a razor. The Basilisk emerged free from Gifford's blood. He looked at his real image in the mirror and saw only Wayne Gifford. Enraged he smashed the mirror and jumped out into the streets. Soon he met a woman who was fleeing from a group of hooligans, having been rescued from them by Morbius. The Basilisk paralyzed the woman with his gaze and beheaded her. Then he hid himself on the closest roof. Morbius arrived on the scene and the Basilisk attacked him. [1]

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