A scientist with a rare skin condition, an experiment meant to cure him instead turned him into the Waxman. He would appear at popular clubs in LA disguised as handsome men, and seduce women. Bringing them someplace alone his body would turn into a waxy form during a moment of passion and smother them to death. He would attempt to do this to Jessica Drew (AKA Spider-Woman) who would escape this fate. She would later confront the Waxman after she learns he smothered another woman and in battling him, she would blast him apart and leave him for dead. Although after Spider-Woman fled the scene the Waxman's remains began reconstituting themselves, his true fate and current whereabouts if he survived the encounter are presently unknown.[1]


  • Shape Shifting: The Waxman's body was totally malleable, he could reshape his body to appear as anyone, male or female. He could also throw chunks of his own flesh, and mold it in any shape imaginable. However, he usually used his body to envelop and smother his victims.

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