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Dobbs unmasked

The man named Dobbs was a Nazi spy who became the mayor of the city near Camp Lehigh. In order to keep his operations as a spy a secret he would develop the alter-ego that would be known as the Wax Man, wearing a mask sculpted out of wax. He would target military officials, and encase their heads in wax sculptures of their faces after their deaths. Sometimes he would remove his victims heads and keep them on display.

When Camp Lehigh became on alert to capture the Wax Man, he would mobilize his network of spies to attack the camp with specially made tanks. However thanks to the intervention of Captain America and Bucky the invasion would be pushed back. In retaliation, the Wax Man would capture Bucky and leave a wax sculpture of the boys head. As Steve Rogers would go searching for Bucky as Captain America, the Wax Man in his capacity as Mayor Dobbs would pressure the military to do more to stop the spy ring so as to take suspicion off himself.

However, Captain America would find the Wax Man's lair and rescue Bucky. In the ensuing fight, Cap would defeat the Wax Man and his minions. Unmasking the Wax Man, Cap and Bucky would learn that he was in reality mayor Dobbs. When military officials would arrive on the scene, Cap and Bucky would leave Dobbs for them to discover.


The Wax Man was a skilled torturer, spy, and killer. He was also a expert sculptor able to craft replicas of peoples heads out of wax.


The Wax Man had a battalion of specially made tanks.

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