A member of the alien species known as the Watchers, who had sworn to observe other species without taking part in their activities. This Watcher was assigned to watch the short-lived microbial civilization known as the Calishee.[1] Once the Calishee had destroyed themselves in a blink, this Watcher moved to the Black Galaxy.

Watchers are rarely seen directly by other species, unless some very important and usually catastrophic event was imminent. The Rigellians, an alien species who had always felt threatened by the Black Galaxy, noticed the approach of this silent Watcher and panicked at the idea.

The Watcher then witnessed the Red Celestial taking the Black Galaxy and using it to create a new "baby" Blue Celestial. Other Celestials came to recruit their newborn and left with him. The Watcher witnessed all of this, and then left.


Apparently those shared by the Watchers.


Traditional Watcher clothing.

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