This "Wasp" is a Skrull posing as Wasp and a member of the Skrull Avengers. She has the same powers and abilities of the real Wasp.

She was with a whole team of Skrull Avengers sent to Wakanda to steal the vibranium. Her intimidating attitude had convinced Ms. Marvel to help them with no suspicion.

During the battle, she was seen zapping high-tech Wakandan warriors and dodged Wakandan assault walkers' heavy fire until the fall and revealing of Thor (Skrull) and Black Panther (Skrull). Hearing Iron Man (Skrull)'s orders, she attacked the real Wasp and the other Avengers before being struck down by Hawkeye after throwing an electric shock arrow at her.

Her body was seen piled up among the others.


Seemingly those of Wasp


Skrull ship

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