Warlock and his Life Mate came to Earth in an effort to escape their destiny of merging with the Phalanx. They crashed on Earth, and although Warlock escaped the wreckage, his Life Mate was captured by Cameron Hodge and used to connect the Phalanx leader, the Nexus, and begin the assimilation of Earth into the Phalanx Empire.[1] After the defeat of the Phalanx and being reunited, the pair both left Earthto return to their homeworld to bring freed from the Nexus to the other Phalanx.[2]


Seemingly those of his mainstream counterpart.

  • Voiced by David Corban.
  • He always says "Self" instead of "My" or "I".
    • This was something quite confusing for children, as at a young age they wouldn't understand the meaning of the word "self" as its a higher level vocabulary word.

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