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formerly Domina
Information-silk Origin
Clan of Neo.
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Domina and her Warclan emerged attacking both Sinister and the X-Men. Domina and Jaeger's daughter was one of the Neo killed due to loss of powers.

Jaeger was killed by Cecilia Reyes. Interesting enoughly, some members seemed to think that Shadowcat was possibly a Neo. The clan eventually came to terms with the X-Men.

The returning Magneto (Magnus) soon appeared wishing them to join him as part of his assembled forces on Genosha. Rax and Salvo attacked only to be ripped apart. Domina surrendered her clan.

Recently, the team returned, facing the Young X-Men team.

They were terminated with their entire kind, wiped out by Evolutionaries when the Guardian Clan attacked Utopia

Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.

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