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Wanda Maximoff was the daughter of Magneto. Along with her brother Quicksilver, she was a member of the X-Men. Shortly after meeting Rogue she was killed protecting the young mutants at Wundagore Mountain from Nemesis.

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Years later, Nemesis, then calling himself Holocaust, ordered Wolverine (no relation to the X-Man Logan) to kill Quicksilver, the X-Man he believed to be closest to Magneto. Holocaust wanted Magneto to be burdened with the death of both his children. The scheme failed.

Later, the Human Resistance created mindless clones of Wanda after Jean Grey told them that her Earth-616 counterpart de-powered mutants. Magneto found out about this and in a rage destroyed all but one clone. Jean entered her mind and used Wanda's ability in an attempt to de-power the mutants. Unfortunately, it only worked in a small radius, thus only Jean and Sabretooth were de-powered.


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