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Wand of Watoomb

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The Wand of Watoomb had been broken in half, but followers of Dormammu had it restored. It was later seized by Doctor Strange. During a recent battle, Warren Traveler briefly gained control of the Wand.

The Wicked Wand of Watoomb is a mystical artifact in the Marvel Universe. It is a one-foot long crystalline wand with demonic heads carved on either end.

An object of near-omnipotent power, the Wand is controlled by mere thoughts of its user, primarily used for enhancing, multiplying, gathering, focusing and redirecting mystical energies. It can be used to block mystical attacks, and use the energy absorbed to either heal the wielder, unleash a damaging blast, or erect a defensive barrier. It can also be used to control the elements, open portals to other dimensions, and allows the wielder to scry any person, place or thing he is familiar with.

The Wand has been transported to the Earth-20069 reality, through the theft of the House of M-linked Sorcerer Supreme, Warren Traveler, who, feeling a connection between his Eye of Watoomb and the Wand, had stolen it from Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum, to be pursued by Carol Danvers. However, in the Dark Reign, after Strange had fallen from the position of the Sorcerer Supreme due to use of dark magic, he explains to Wiccan that the Wand of Watoomb is among the various power-objects he would be forced to surrender to the new Sorcerer Supreme.


The Wand of Watoomb also exists in this reality. It is housed and protected at the Project Pegasus Facility in Wyoming. [1]


  • As seen in Marvel Team-Up #21, the Wand of Watoomb has a mystical connection and has been shown to be re-energized by the Crystal of Kadavus.


  • In the JLA/Avengers crossover, it was one of the six magical objects that represented the Marvel universe.

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