The Walrus Men were a race that lives on the oceans of the Earth. Not much is known about their society. In 1941, the Walrus Men were rallied along with the Seal Men and Shark Men by the Sub-Mariner to join Atlantis in attacking the surface world. Their forces were defeated by the Human Torch and Toro.[1]

The Walrus Men have not been seen since, their fate is unknown.

Powers and Abilities


The Walrus Men are like the animals of which they are named. They have additional blubber mass to withstand cold Arctic waters. They also likely have similar adaptations as the Atlanteans, namely the ability to breath underwater (they may even be amphibious), strength to survive the oceans pressures, and the ability to see in the depths.


Habitat: Aquatic
Gravity: Earth standard
Atmosphere: Earth standard

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