The third Speed Demon was Wally West, the nephew of Blaze Allen, who contacted Merlin after accidentally discovering his uncle's secret identity. Wanting to help out his uncle, he had Merlin bond him with an unrevealed demon. Becoming the third Speed Demon, or the "Kid Demon", Wally West fought alongside his uncle against the Night Spectre to free the souls held by the evil demon. Wally West rides a flaming motorcycle in his first appearance as Speed Demon. When Blaze Allen realized that Wally West was not bonded with Etrigan, he feared what could be the true source of Wally's new powers.


  • Demonic Transformation: Due to being bonded with a demon, Wally can transform into a demon form with many superhuman powers:
  • Super-Strength: Wally is able to lift about 25 tons.
  • Superhuman Stamina: No fatigue poisons build up in Wally's muscles, so he has limitless stamina.
  • Superhuman Durability: Wally is immune to all Earthly damage, as only weapons forged in Heaven are capable of causing him pain.
  • Superhuman Healing Factor: Even when Wally is injured, the injury heals immediately without causing Speed Demon pain. He is capable of having his skull completely crushed without any pain, and it will immediately grow back. He can even further accelerate this with the Speed Force
  • Hellfire Manipulation: Wally can manipulate hellfire as Speed Demon. Hellfire is fire that burns one's soul, but can also burn their physical body. He can unleash this hellfire is many ways, and can even create weapons such as a shotgun or motorcycle from it.
  • Mystical Chain: Speed Demon has a mystical chain that can grow in length, turn into other weapons, or cut through nearly anything. Speed Demon can also project chains from his mouth and chest.
  • Penance Stare: The penance stare that causes those who look into Ghost Rider's eyes to experience all of the emotions that they have inflicted on others.
  • Speed Force: Wally is capable of tapping the Speed Force for several applications:
  • Slowed Aging:Those who use the Speed Force, and their loved ones, gain eternal youth.
  • Energy Construct Creation: Wally is the first person to create energy constructs with the Speed Force, and his costume itself may be only a construct.
  • Sharing the Force: Speed Demon can imbue others temporarily with superhuman speed, allowing that person to run alongside him.
  • Speed Stealing: Wally can take the momentum from other objects and absorb it. He can do this with people, turning them into living statues, or he can do this with objects. The only time it doesn't work is with those who wield a "negative" Speed Force.
  • Speed Force Aura: Wally is surrounded by a kind of force field that absorbs kinetic energy, allowing him to carry passengers without their harm, deliver punches without crippling himself, and be punched without serious harm.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Wally is capable for running for days without stopping.
  • Self-Sustenance: Wally can go for days without food or water by drawing from the Speed Force's supply of infinite energy.
  • Superhuman Speed: Speed Demon can run at any speed he can think of without harming the environment. He can easily reach levels of Mach 10, and is capable of running across the United States in 23 minutes.
  • Infinite Mass Punch: A special move achieved by hitting light speed and punching. His mass becomes greater than infinity, allowing him to punch someone like Super-Soldier from Mount Rushmore to Africa.
  • Dimensional Travel: Wally can travel time and space under his own power.
  • Phasing: Speed Demon can alter his atoms to turn intangible, allowing him to make things he runs through explode.
  • Invisibility: By spinning in a circle while intangible, Wally can turn invisible.
  • Flight: Wally is capable of flight by sticking out his arms in the manner of a helicopter to fly.
  • Increased Perceptions: Speed Demon can alter his perception of time, and slow it in his view, or speed it up. His speed adjusts to compensate for how he views time. He can also break the time/space barrier and land millions of punches a second.
  • Accelerated Brain Activity: Wally's brain activity is so enhanced that he can do math faster than lightning strikes, and he can move many sandbags to cover a beach in minutes.
  • Vortex Creation: Speed Demon can create circles by running in a circle. These vortexes can suffocate foes, levitate them, teleport them to other dimensions, and act as barriers. He can also spin his arms to create wind blasts.


Enhanced combat knowledge, mechanical aptitude, and expert stunt rider.

Strength level

25 tons.


None known


In his first appearance, he was seen riding a motorcycle

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