X-Force's Deadpool is one of the several mercenaries from throughout the Multiverse who were captured by the Collector to be put at the disposal of the participants of the Contest of Champions.


This Deadpool met with the Summoner and his counterpart while they were hunting Venompool. He claimed he didn't like his counterpart, referring to his costume as a 'scab-factory', and telling the Summoner that he was a better Deadpool, which enraged the other Deadpool, who asked the Summoner to deal with him.[1]

Terrigenocide Part 2

When he discovered the X-Men were recruiting other Mutants to help them, Deadpool quickly offered his help in return for becoming a X-Man, but the X-Men didn't want his help. Furious for being rejected, Deadpool faked being infected by the ISO-Terrigen Mist and attacked the X-Men, being defeated by the Summoner soon afterwards.[2]


Seemingly those of his Prime Marvel Universe counterpart.


Seemingly those of his Prime Marvel Universe counterpart.


Deadpool's Suit


Deadpool's Katanas

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