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Season 1

  1. WHIH Newsfront Promo - July 2, 2015
  2. WHIH Newsfront: Top Stories
  3. WHIH EXCLUSIVE: 2012 VistaCorp break-in security footage involving cyber-criminal Scott Lang
  4. Wired Insider Interviews Darren Cross, CEO of Pym Technologies
  5. WHIH EXCLUSIVE: Scott Lang Interview

Season 2

  1. AVENGERS IMPACT: A WHIH Newsfront Special Report
  2. WHIH Newsfront: The Cost of Saving the World
  3. WHIH Newsfront: The Avengers and The White House
  4. WHIH Newsfront Exclusive: President Ellis Discusses the Avengers
  5. WHIH Breaking News: Attack in Lagos

WHIH Newsfront is an American web series streaming on YouTube. It's a faux current affairs digital series that serves as viral marketing for Marvel Studios and focuses on a fictional news program hosted by Christine Everhart and Will Adams