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In the Marvel Universe, three men are commonly refered to as the Vulture.

The originator of the costume and identity was elderly business man and inventor Adrian Toomes. After being swindled out of his company, and its profits, he use the flight-enabling harness he'd been working on to start a life of crime as the Vulture.

Raniero "Blackie" Drago was a common crook that shared a cell with Adrian Toomes during one of his many trips to jail. Drago managed to trick Toomes into revealing the location of his spare suits, and after breaking out of prison, Drago took Toomes's suits and used them to commit robberies.

Clifton Shallot was an academic who transformed himself into a duplicate of the original Vulture, but with genuine wings and talons.

Jimmy Natale was a fixer for the mob until he was forced to to undergo a procedure that turned him into the Vulture.

The 'Alternate Reality Versions' described below are alternates of Toomes. Other characters using vulture-themed costumes and identities are described in the 'Others' section.

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