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Volton (Earth-616)
Information-silkReal Name Volton
Information-silkRelativesNote: As an android, the Human Torch had no true blood relatives, however he could theoretically claim kinship to other android models whose design functions were similar to his own.

Phineas Horton (creator);
Dr. James Bradley (creator);
Vision (created by Ultron based upon Horton's designs);
Tara (based on Horton's designs);
Inhuman Torch (based on Horton's designs);
Pyronanos (nanotech based on Horton's designs);
Adam II (creation of Phineas Horton);

Jim Hammond (creation of Phineas Horton);
Information-silkIdentitySecret Identity
Information-silkHairNo Hair
Information-silkUnusual FeaturesVolton is an android
Information-silkOriginAndroid created by Dr. James Bradley using modified Horton Cells.
Information-silkCreatorsRoy Thomas, Dave Hoover
First Appearance

James Bradley, aka Doctor Nemesis, co-created The original Human Torch (Jim Hammond) with Professor Phineas Horton. Bradley, however, did not get any credit for creating him, so he decided to build another crime-fighting android. This second android, named "Volton," initially began fighting crime, just as the Human Torch had done. After some time, however, Volton went bad, eventually fighting against the Invaders as a member of the Battle-Axis, alongside his "father" Bradley (who was now calling himself "Doctor Death"), the Human Meteor, Strongman, and Spider Queen. At the end of the battle with the Invaders Volton turned on Bradley and killed him. His subsequent activities are unknown.


Electrokinesis: Able to generate and manipulate electricity.

This character is based on the Public Domain character Volton

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