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The real name and identity of the drug racketeer known as the Voice is mostly unknown. During the 1940's he operated in San Francisco organizing the shipments of illegal drugs such as cocaine. In order to protect his identity and evade capture, he would set up a radio transmitter on an island off San Francisco Bay and transmit his orders to his subordinates on the mainland through a receiver. This method would stump the San Francisco police department.

Eventually, the Voice's drug racketeering garnered the attention of Professor Philo Zog, inventor of the robot known as Electro. Zog sent Operator Number Seven to San Francisco to learn the identity of the Voice and smash his operation. Learning the location of the Voice's hide out, Operator Seven summoned Electro who smashed the island transmitter and turned the Voice and his assistant over to the authorities. [1]




The Voice had a transmitter that operated on a special, seemingly untraceable frequency that could be picked up from specially made receivers on the mainland specially built for by the Voice himself.

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