Ancient History

20th Century

For centuries tribes in the Congo worshiped the Vodu goddess known as Mamalu until the 1950's when white settlers convinced the tribes that Mamalu did not exist. Furious Mamalu blamed the jungle adventurer Lorna the Jungle Queen as being responsible for stealing her worshipers. She influenced a tribesman named Kabu with offers be her mate if he performed a sacrifice to bring her to Earth. Lorna attempted to stop Mamalu but it was not until that Mamalu decided to take Lorna's companion Greg Knight as a mate did her plan fail as the jealous Kabu seemingly slew her.[4]

Modern Age

Powers and Abilities


Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Endurance
Immunity: To all terristrial diseases
Healing Factor

All data is based on Thor & Hercules: Encyclopaedia Mythologica #1[1]

Each Vodu possess a unique aspect of Buluku's omnipotence.[1]


Additional Superhuman Powers[1]: Every Vodu has his unique ability -often connected to forces of nature.

Average Strength level

Average male god can lift about 25 tons, a female goddess about 20 tons.[1]


None known.


Habitat: Orun


Type of Government: Council of the Vodû[3]
Representatives: Ananai, Avlekete, Babalú, Buluku, Damballah/Dam-Ayido Wede, Eschu/Ellegua, Ezili, Gorilla God/Ghekre, Legba, Lusa, Mamalu, Mahu, Ogun, Oya, Sagbata/Baron Samedi, Shango


  • In West Africa the Òrìshà or Vodu religions are not gathering their gods in pantheons like we know for ancient European believe systems like Thor's Asgardians or Hercules' Olympians. Instead every family has one special Òrìshà or Vodu they worship. Said fact leads to the result that there are unmanageable accounts of Òrìshàs and countless variations in stories, origins, manifestations and interpretations in West Africa.
  • In the Marvel Universe 'Vodun' is depicted as some kind of magic[5][6] -especially as 'Black Magic'.[6][7][8][9][10] It is also suggested that 'Vodun' has or had human sacrifices a couple of times,[11][12] but in reality 'Voodooists' sacrife production animals, alcohol and even vegetables. It is also shown misleadingly that the oracle uses bones to predict the future.[13] In fact the oracle uses kauri mussels.


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