Dr. Vladimir Volkh is a brilliant Russian scientist and one of his country's first cosmonauts. During his space flight, Vladimir was bombarded by cosmic radiation and received super-malleable powers similar to Mr. Fantastic. Dr. Vladimir Volkh would become the leader of the Bogatyri, a super-powered group of Russians that is fiercely loyal to the Motherland. The Bogatyri named for the "Valiant Champions of Elder Days" in Russian folklore are a group of superhuman Russians that infiltrate a Canadian Distant Early Warning base to set motion Operation Polaris where they plan to start a new Cold War and start a deadlier Ice Age to freeze the entire North American Continent. The Canadian base they invaded was developing a prototype of a quick-freeze crystal and these ice crystals multiply and spread very quickly in all directions. The core crystal absorbs heat from the air, imparts that power causing secondary crystals to grow at a rapid rate. Glaciers would form and keep moving south until the entire United States became a continent of ice.

Dr. Volkh and his team would come into conflict with Wolverine and members of the West Coast Avengers. Dr. Volkh would encase the Scarlet Witch and Wonder Man in ice once he unleashed the power of the quick-freeze crystal. However they are saved by the US Agent and the Scarlet Witch manages to shut down the crystal with her hex bolts. Dr. Volkh and his plans to start a new Cold War is thwarted and the Bogatyri escape in their hovercraft. The current whereabouts of Dr. Volkh are unknown.


Doctor Volkh gained the superhuman ability to stretch his body.

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