The Fox and the Vixen were a criminal couple who committed robberies in the 1940s. In 1945, they robbed a post office in front of Madeline Joyce (aka Miss America). When she tackled the Vixen, the Fox knocked Madeline out with the butt of his gun and fled the scene, leaving the Vixen behind.

Later as Miss America, Madeline and the authorities could not convince the Vixen to rat out her boyfriend. Instead, letting her escape Miss America followed her back to her apartment and tied her up, and waited for the Fox to come to her. The Fox, suspecting a potential tail sent up one of his men instead. While Miss America was busy interrogating the man, the Vixen smashed her window to warn the Fox. Miss America then chased the Fox (with the Vixen in her arms) forcing his car to crash. Attempting to flee on foot, the Fox attempted to spray Miss America with bullets, but the heroine dodged out of the way. The Vixen took all the shots and died at the scene while the Fox was taken into custody.[1]



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