Butterball was a member of the Grapplers, the female division of the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation. Like the other Grapplers, Butterball underwent the strength-augmentation process of the Power Broker, boosting her strength and durability to superhuman levels.

Butterball clashed with the Thing when the Grapplers' leader Titania was killed by her teammate Gold Digger, secretly a member of the agents known as Scourge of the Underworld and the Thing was suspected of the killing by the Grapplers. The fight was broken up by Sharon Ventura, who proved the Thing's innocence. [1] Butterball has not been seen since, her subsequent activities are unknown.


Butterball's strength and durability has been boosted to superhuman levels.


Butterball is a trained wrestler, and utilizes a fighting style that uses her bulk to her advantage.

Strength level

Butterball is superhumanly strong to an unknown degree.

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