When a plague turned the world's population, Vision helped his fellow Avengers hold back the infected in New York City.

As their lossses started to pile up, Doctor Doom came to them and offered to give them a cure in exchange for being named Emperor of Earth. Though initially hesitant, they agreed to his demands.[1] However, his Doomstones, made from a combination of science and alchemy, were not the cure he promised but a way to force the cannibalism inside it's wearer to the surface. Hawkeye became aware of this, as well as Doom's own cannibalism,[2] and tried to alert the Avengers. Unfortunately, almost everyone in New York, including the Avengers, were wearing a Doomstone and succumbed to cannibalism.

It seemed Vision was one of the few who were spared, most likely because he is not human, despite the fact he was wearing one himself. His fate is unknown.[3]


Seemingly those ofVision (Earth-616)#Powers.

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