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Vishnu is a member of the Daevas, an extra-dimensional race of beings worshipped as gods by the people in the Indian subcontinent.


Vishnu possesses greater than normal powers than any other Hindu god. Equal to Brahma or Shiva, he has superhuman strength (Class 100+), stamina, and resistance to harm plus considerable power to manipulate energies on cosmic scales. In ancient times, he could send his mind and body through various successive mortal incarnations known as avatars. He also tends to travel by means of two mounts, Garuda the bird god, or by Vasuki, the cobra-god, son of Vritra.

Strength level

Vishnu possesses superhuman strength in the Class 100 range enabling him to lift (press) well over 100 tons under optimal conditions.


Vishnu carries a discus and a mace as well as a sword called Nadaka and a bow named Sarnga.

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