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After the Summers Rebellion ended and mutants were freed from the camps, some mutants still wanted to strike back against humanity instead of working with them towards the future. Without Summers himself to control him, the rebel leader Daemon gathered the Exhumes like Virago to assault mankind in the name of mutantkind. Many mutants, like young Bishop and Shard, saw Daemon and Virago as freedom fighters, while the government sponsored Xavier Security Enforcers were seen as Hounds and sellouts. That changed when Virago was on the run from XSE's Trace and Sureshot and grabbed little Shard as a human shield. Bishop forced her to let his sister go, and Sureshot took the shot when the opening came. Virago was killed, and Bishop saw a future for himself in the XSE.[1]


Virago can vibrate her limbs fast enough to shatter solid objects.

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