Vincente was a member of Generation Next, the X-Men in training team led by Colossus and Shadowcat[1].

The team was given the mission of breaking Illyana Rasputina out of the Core — a nuclear power plant and internment camp for humans. Vincente and his teammate Husk planned to sneak in the back door by replacing and posing as the Core's foreman, Quietus. Husk sneaked into Quietus' office posing as a prostitute with a flask of wine, which was Vincente in his liquid form. Once Quietus drank the wine, Vincente forced his way out of the man's body, killing him. Because the shape-shifting Husk didn't have enough mass to convincingly pass herself off as Quietus by herself, she required Vincente to fill out the remainder of the body with his vaporous form[2]. On their way to find Illyana Rasputin, they unfortunately ran in to Sugar Man[3]. Although they attempted to shoot the maniac, he stabbed the pair with his razor-sharp tongue, almost killing Husk and delivering a fatal blow to Vincente, even though he was in his gaseous form at the time. He might have survived if the group of youngsters had not become trapped in the Core and then overwhelmed by their adversaries[4].


Vincente is able to shift his state of matter from solid to liquid to gaseous. In his liquid or gaseous state he is capable of mixing his molecules with the surrounding substances (e.g. dirt, soup, etc) and thereby temporarily take on the properties of what he is mixed with. As he honed his abilities, he learned how to change the composition of his gaseous state so that it would be toxic if inhaled.

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