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Quote1 You can't get away from those show-offs! They're everywhere! Buncha self-important, power-crazy lunatics with no respect at all for the little guy. ... I hate'em Eugene! I hate every last one of those costumed champs! Why, if it was up to me I'd send'em all to... Quote2
-- Leap-Frog src


Vincent Patillio was an inventor by trade. He spent most of his life inventing novelty items for toy companies.[2] By his own description, Vincent Patilio was a small-time loser. He had some skills as an inventor and dreamed of making it big. But all his inventions were failures and never got past the patent office. Then he designed power-pack driven, leaping coils. They were his most successful invention, but he did not even bother with getting a patent for them. He designed a costume for himself and started a life of crime as the Leap-Frog. He was soon defeated by Daredevil. [1]

Vincent's villainous career started at an airport, where he tested his ability to leap all over the place. He prevented airplanes from taking off and was pursued by the police. He took blind man Matthew Murdock as a hostage, trying to get a breather from his pursuers. After resting for a bit, the Leap-Frog released Murdock and escaped. [2]

Vincent next wore the new Leap-Frog's Suit and decided to use it to reinvent himself as a master criminal. At nighttime, the Leap-Frog bounced his way through New York City. He decided to rob the first jewelry store that appeared in his path. He easily opened the locked door of the store, and started stealing jewels. However, this action activated the store's alarm. By coincidence, a patrolling Daredevil was standing three blocks away from the jewelry store and decided to respond to the alarm. [2]

The Leap-Frog managed to silence the alarm, but Daredevil entered the store. He attacked the Leap-Frog, but the villain effortlessly evaded the attack. He was very fast when moving, and Daredevil realized that the Leap-Frog was faster than his previous opponents. The villain also evaded the next attack of Daredevil. The hero realized that the Leap-Frog acted defensively, but had yet to make any offensive move. The Leap-Frog then started ricocheting from wall to wall, while increasing his speed. Daredevil was too slow to grab or touch him. The Leap-Frog then broke through a window and escaped into the night, while taunting the Daredevil. [2]

The following morning, at 8:30 AM, the Leap-Frog robbed a bank. His crime was reported in the radio news. [2]The Leap-From was depicted escaping with his loot. He was amazed at how easy it was to rob the bank, and thought of ways to challenge himself. Meanwhile, Daredevil had tracked him down and prepared to ambush him. He jumped "Froggy" and got his hands around the surprised villain. Leap-Frog struggled to escape, and used the loot as a club on Daredevil's head. A dazed Daredevil let go of his opponent. The villain was leaping all around him and mocking him. Daredevil recovered and used the cable from his Billy Club to ensnare the Leap-Frog. He brought the villain crashing to the ground and started pulling him.[2]

With the Leap-Frog immobilized, Daredevil started repeatedly punching him in the face. The villain feigned surrender, but was actually playing possum. He kicked Daredevil's face. Daredevil started punching him again. The Leap-Frog tried to escape by leaping away, but Daredevil kicked one of his legs and prevented him from doing so. Daredevil then delivered a knock-out punch and send Leap-Frog flying into a nearby pool of water. Shortly after, Daredevil delivered the defeated villain to the police. [2]

Vincent next send a written message to lawyers Foggy Nelson and Matthew Murdock, asking them to defend him in court. Foggy seemed against the idea, as he wanted nothing to do with costumed super-villains. However, Matthew wanted to take the case, claiming that he found super-villains intriguing. [2]


Vincent's career as a super-villain included fights against Daredevil [2] [3] [4], the Defenders [5], and Iron Man [6] [7]. He ended up in prison. He served his time in prison and was eventually released. He then returned to his wife Rosie and young son Eugene. Rosie Patilio was the breadwinner in the family and her salary had kept them afloat financially. But then Rosie died of cancer. In need of financially supporting his family, Vincent got a job. He sold inferior merchandise on the East Side of Manhattan. The earnings were barely enough to pay the rent for their home. He could not afford anything else. His teenager son Eugene was still in school, but had to get his own job to help support the family. Eugene worked his tail off after school, and had less time for studying. Vincent worried that his son was living an inferior life and that he could not help him. [1]

Vincent increasingly fell into despair. At this time, his son Eugene donned a version of his costume to attempt to create a heroic career as Frog-Man. Vincent was proud of his son for capturing the villain Speed Demon[1], but his pride turned to disapproval as Eugene continued to serve as a superhero. Vincent forbade his son to adventure as Frog-Man.

When the villainess White Rabbit reappeared, Patilio went undercover to join her gang on behalf of the police, which brought him into conflict with his son, who, as Frog-Man, tried to take down the White Rabbit. Patilio ultimately defeated the White Rabbit with the help of his son.

Presumably, Patilio remains retired from adventuring.


Patilio is a skilled inventor.


  • Vincent Patilio has never had any success as either an inventor or a super-villain. He struggles financially just to pay the rent for his home. [1]


  • Leap-Frog's Suit: Suit equipped with electrically powered leaping coils that allow him to reach a height of 6 stories per jump.
  • Daredevil thinks that the codename Leap-Frog is "corny". [2]
  • While held on a choke hold by the Leap-Frog, Daredevil realized that Vincent is a strong man. [2]
  • As depicted in Marvel Team-Up Vol 1 121 (September, 1982), Vincent Patilio has anger management problems. He feels deeply humiliated for all his past failures and partly blames "show-off" superheroes for them. He fells uncontrollable anger whenever he even sees superheroes. He has slapped his own son in anger, before even realizing that he is becoming abusive. [1]
  • Vincent Patilio constantly struggles with feelings of despair. [1]
  • Vincent Patilio spend his imprisonment in Ryker's Island. [1]

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