Vince Garone was crime boss who was a bootlegger during prohibition. In the 1940's he would decide to establish a legitimate business and would start up a trucking company. While his business was legal, his methods of dealing with the competition would be far from. He would have his gang pressure competing truckers to join his company. Those who would refuse, would be driven off the road to their deaths. When Garone's men would threaten trucker Hank Steel, Steel would refuse to give into Garone.

When Steel became Garone's next target, it would attract the attention of the other-dimension Vision who would smash Garone's gang. As Garone attempted to flee the scene, the Vision would use his illusion casting powers to frighten Garone off the road. His car would drive off a cliff to a fatal crash, a fitting end for someone who sent so many innocent men to the same fate.

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