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Modern Age

In March, 1963, Tony Stark was caught and held captive by communist terrorist Wong-Chu, but, with Professor Yinsen's help, he forged the first Iron Man Armor and managed to escape from his captors[1].

Captain America traveled to Vietnam to challenge General Wo and demand the release of helicopter pilot Jim Baker. After they both managed to defeat the General and his Viet Cong army, they escaped using the General's private jet[2].

Iron Man returned after some time to help the US Military test out bullets which chase their targets, however he was asked to help the military deal with the Communists' newest scientist: Half-Face, who was holed up in a castle atop Hill 38, not far from their position[3].
After having defeated Iron Man, Half-Face instructed Titanium Man to destroy a small village, but, as he wandered the village, he found that his wife and child now lived there; so he decided to change his ways and helped Iron Man knock out the Titanium Man[4].

During the war, Sam and Willie Lincoln went to a Daredevil's show for the troops[5].

Many years before becoming the Red Wolf, William Talltrees also served in Vietnam, where he was injured in combat[6].

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